Midhat Yosef was wounded by Palestinian fire while guarding Jospeh’s tomb in the heart of Nablus. His friends cried for help, but the Israeli army did not evacuate him. For hours he bled to death, while his friends went on fighting feeling trapped and abandoned. The film tells the story of this traumatic battle, of daily life under shell shock and reveals the motives behind the unprecedented decision to abandon a wounded soldier.


56 minutes, Israel 2004, Hebrew

Director: Yael Kipper-Zaritzky

Cinematographer: Oded Kimhi

Screenwriter: Yael Kipper-Zaritsky

Editor: Sara Solomon

Producers: Edna and Elinor Kowarsky, Eden Productions

  • In Competition , URVAN-TV Film Festival, Sapin, November 2008
  • Channel 8, Israel 2004
  • The Makor Foundation for Israeli Films

“This sad, echoing film confronts the viewer with the growing feeling that there is no captain on the helm of the ship called ‘The State of Israel’” Aviad Forholis, Ma’ariv

“It’s impossible to watch this heart-breaking film without identifying with the hurting soldiers. Without feeing great love for them. Without participating in their grief for their dead friend, who died with them unable to help him, and in their constant search for tranquilizers, their burden to this very day.” Dan Margalit, Ma’ariv

“’In Joseph’s Tomb is a film that fixes a wrong” Hagai Hitron, Ha’aretz

Yael Kipper-Zaritsky – Born in 1969, Israel. Graduated the ‘Camera Obscura’ Film and Television School –Tel Aviv. Won “Best Director 2001” in the Haifa Film Festival for “Swawin”. A nominee for the Israeli academy award 2002 for “Eliyahu and Sylvia are leaving home”.