Marius is the owner of a Dutch company that operates a private employment center in Israel, in the city of Nazareth, following the privatization of the government’s employment centers. The project is known to the public as the “Wisconsin Program”. Marius runs a similar project in Holland with much success, which has made him a rich man. Once a month Marius leaves his boat on one of Amsterdam’s canals, departs from his spouse, and travels to Nazareth to manage the employment center, along with Tirza, his Israeli business associate. The film follows Marius on one of these visits, where he preaches to the locals his paradigm and confronts those who criticize him and his project. 


58 minutes, Israel 2007

Director: Asaf Sudry & David Ofek

Cinematographer: Asaf Sudry

Screenwriter: Asaf Sudry, David Ofek

Editor: Yoni Tzruya

Producers: Edna Kowarsky, Elinor Kowarsky


Jerusalem International Film Festival, July, 2007

  • Channel 2 (The Second Authority for TV and Radio), Israel
  • Gesher Multicultural Film Fund
  • The Jerusalem Cinematheque

David Ofek is a graduate of the ”Sam Spiegel” Film School in Jerusalem. He was awarded the Wolgin Prize for his short films ”Home” and ”Hi-Tech Dreams”. He is the co-creator of the popular Israeli TV series ”Bat-Yam – New-York“ and “Melanoma my Love“, Ofek has directed the documentary ”No. 17“, which won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary as well as many other international awards and has directed the documentary “A Hebrew Lesson” that has participated in international festivals such as Rotterdam and Hamburg and for which he was awarded the Wolgin Prize for Best Director.

Asaf sudry 1998 Tel Aviv University film & television dep; 1998 Moving Out 50min doc. Dir: Asaf Sudry, Boaz Helfman; 2005 Strike 90min doc. Dir:Asaf Sudry, Amir Tauzinger; 2007 Paradigma 58min doc. Dir: Asaf Sudry, David Ofek;