A portrait of the 83-year-old painter Moshe Rosenthalis, whose paintings are in major art collections all over the world. “Don’t be afraid of the canvass, let the canvass be afraid of you” is his motto in life, dedicated solely to his art.

His passion for color and rhythm bursts out of his canvasses, as well as out of the screen. The camera follows him to Lithuania, his motherland, where he earned his fame as a master of the “Realistic-Socialism” art form, and exposes the viewer to the dynamic shift he underwent following his encounter with the Abstract-Expressionist style.


58 minutes, Israel 2006, Hebrew/Lithuanian

Director: Eli Cohen

Cinematographer: Danni Schneor

Screenwriter: Eli Cohen

Editor: Shlomo Hazan

Producers: Edna Kowarsky and Elinor Kowarsky, Eden Productions

  • In Competition Cronograf Documentary Film Festival, Moldova 2006
  • Official Selection International Panorama of Independent Filmakers, Greece 2007
  • Official Selection Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Canada. May, 2007
  • Channel 8, Israel