An intimate portrait of Israeli masculinity through three hard-core womanizers at the Tel-Aviv beach. From 1975-2005, the director-cinematographer, a reputable avant-garde artist and womanizer in his own right, followed his close friend Ronny Sagman and two of his pals: Alon “G-String” and David “The Irishman” – who never fail to devise new antics for chasing their eternal passion: women. The film‘s protagonists refuse to give in to social conventions (like time constraints), and religiously pay a daily visit to the beach – winter, spring, summer, and fall – as if it was their calling. Their sole purpose being the hunt: conquest after conquest; conquest for the sake of conquest.

Over the years, the film paints a portrait of the Israeli male, raising poignant questions about physical and emotional impotence, ethnic inferiority complexes, and Israeli/Jewish masculine identity on Tel-Aviv’s beachfront. A front which, the harder it tries to be a haven, an enclave separate from Israeli reality, the more it comes to express and characterize it.


 82 minutes, Israel 2006, Hebrew

Director: Honi Hameagel

Cinematographer: Honi Hameagel

Screenwriter: Honi Hameagel

Editor: Noit Geva

Producers: Edna Kowarsky and Elinor Kowarsky, Eden Production

  • Editing award, DocAviv International Documentary Film Festival, Israel 2006
  • Special Presentation, Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival, Canada 2006
  • Official Selection, 11th Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria 2007
  • Channel 8, Israel
  • The Yehushua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts – Cinema Project

“The Editing Award is awarded to ‘The Beach Boys’ for the ability to refine 30 years of photography and mold them into a portrait of the anti-establishment life style of its three protagonists… The editing succeeds in combining images from different decades, in a way that creates a wide scope of the desire to escape from the constrains of time, responsibility and day-to-day cares”. DocAviv 2006 

“Manhood Israeli style… A portrait of pathetic and sad male narcissism… whose protagonists endlessly deal with their body and sexual organ… An effective and poetic documentation. ” Uri Klein, Ha’aretz 

Honi Hameagel was born in the neighborhood of Ne’ve Zedek, Tel Aviv. As a child studied at the religious school “Sha’arei Tora”. Art studies at the Plastic Arts Instutitute Bat-Yam (Israel), and at the Bezalel Academy of art in Jerusalem. Photography studies at the L’ecole des boaux arts, Paris. As a multidisciplinary artist Honi exhibits cinema, video-art and performance-art at festivals, cinematheques and museums all around the world.