Director Alexander Gentelev takes us on a personal journey to seek out fellow passengers from the flight on which he came to Israel in the early 1990s. Through the stories of Russian immigrants scattered across Israel and outside of it – from a simple kibbutz in the valley to a lavish office atop a Moscow skyscraper – the image of the last great wave of Russian immigration is unfolded in all its facets. The complexity underlying the stereotypes attached to the Russian immigration, the difficulties, the achievements and the failures, are at the center of the two chapters of this series that painfully confronts the question of what it means to be Israeli and what chance does a public of over a million people have of receiving the stamp of “Israeliness” – a question that has accompanied the director since his arrival in Israel. 


Two 52 min. episodes (also available: 90 min. film), Israel 2007

Director: Alexander Gentelev

Cinematographer: Sergei (Israel) Freedman

Screenwriter: Alexander Gentelev

Editor: Lina Kadish

Producers: Edna Kowarsky, Elinor Kowarsky – Eden Productions

  • Official Selection, The Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, Israel 2007
  • Official Selection, FilmFest Hamburg, Germany, October 2008
  • Best Documentary Series Award, The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers´ Forum Competition, Israel, July 2008
  • Official Selection, Berlin & Potsdam Jewish Film Festival, Germany, May 2009
  • Official Selection, -“Jüdische Welten” – Jewish Film Festival Dusseldorf, Germany, December 2009
  • In Competition , 3rd International Film Festival Russia Abroad, Russia, November 2009
  • YES DBS, Israel
  • Avi Chai Foundation, Israel
  • Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Israel
  • MAKOR Foundation for Israeli films, Israel

“A moving and entertaining film”.(Ruta Kopfer, Ha’Aretz)

“A social time bomb that will tick ever more loudly in the coming decades.” (Yaron Ten-Brink, Yediot Ahronot)

“The greatness of director Alex Gentelev and of his heroes lies in their ability to mingle humor and pain.” (Nir Kipnis, Globes)

“The film puts an accusing mirror in the face of the Israeli society and in the face of the new immigrants…full of humor, bitterness and grudge.”

Alexander Gentelev Education 1982 – MA philosophy and Psychology – St. Petersburg University 1988 – MA Film studies, theater and music – St. Petersburg Film Academy Professional Experience 1989-1992 – Russia TV, Documentary director, responsible on production and acquisition of documentary projects. 1989-1993 – Documentary director. Among films directed: The Teacher; History of an Illness ; The village – first award in the 1989 St. Petersburg documentary film festival. 1992 – Nomenclatur – A five part documentary series for Russian TV. Won the 2nd prize in the Baku Television festival. 1993 – 1998 – director of 10 documentary films for a weekly documentary series (C h. 2, Israel) 1999 – The bear 50 min. documentary following Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman. 2000 – Dakar – a 50 min. documentary about the Israeli submarine Dakar, that disappeared in the Mediterranean. 2001- Women Trade – a 30 minutes documentary following a Russian prostitute who emigratedto Israel, and decided to return to Russia (Ch. 2, Israel). How long have you been here? A documentary film following the Russian immigration toIsrael. (Ch 8) 2001-2004 – Director of more than 30 documentary reports( 10-24 min ,Ch 1 Israel). 2004 – Oligarchs – a three part series (48 min. each) about the new Russian billionaires (Ch 10 Israel). First prize (editing style) – Jerusalem Film Festival (2004). 2004 – Beslan – the untold story. A special documentary report about the terrorist attack in Besslan (48 min.Ch. 10 Israel , TV2 Denmark). 2006 THE RISE AND FALL OF THE RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS (Documentary, 90 min) Arte (France + Germany) / YLE Teema/ RTBF/ TVO/ TFO / RAI Educational / ABC Asia Pacific / VPRO / TSR2 / TVP / Nederland 3 2006 Eight Minutes Of Love 2007 A Lonely Generation (75 min) Ch 8 (Israel ) Why does a man feel lonely? What does the loneliness mean? We decided to make a movie about it. Jerusalem International Film Festival 21 Jury Prizes 2004 Red Shift Festival (USA ) Grand Prize 2005 26e Festival mondialdu cirque de demain Figra, festival international du grand reportage 2006 BANFF WORLD TELEVISON FESTIVAL . (Canada) 2006 Special Jury Prizes. Prix Europa 2006 Special Commendation 2006 Berlin 4th CON-CAN Movie Festival’s 1st Round Tokyo, JAPAN 2007